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Establishment of VOC-Advanced Breath Diagnostics GmbH in the local Medical Valley Cluster Forchheim

The business location of Forchheim continues to develop dynamically into a high-tech production location for Bavarian medical technology and is thus also becoming increasingly interesting for start-ups from the medical technology sector. This is because the location offers young companies the network they need to get started in entrepreneurship: Valuable contacts in the field of medical technology and healthcare lead to strategic partnerships, innovation transfer and synergies.

With VOC-Advanced Breath Diagnostics GmbH, a new, innovative company has settled in Forchheim, with which the location will strengthen its MedTech cluster and, in perspective, expand the Medical Valley's portfolio.

If there is one thing the Medical Valley Cluster has learned in recent years, it is that health deserves a higher priority than it has received so far. One important goal is to get everyone the healthcare they need - as quickly as possible, and as effectively as possible.

"Through a sustainable focus on medical technology production, the development of Forchheim as a business location into a high-tech production site is to be further advanced. With its innovative research fields, solutions and products, VOC-Advanced Breath Diagnostics GmbH brings us a step closer to our goal on this path," says Viktor Naumann, Managing Director of Medical Valley Forchheim GmbH.

Fortunately, more and more start-ups like VOC-Advanced Breath Diagnostics GmbH are also feverishly searching for innovative medical technology solutions that drive medical progress and correspondingly improve people's quality of life. This also underlines the vision of VOC-Advanced Breath Diagnostics GmbH, namely to provide answers to open diagnostic questions to improve medical care by developing and marketing tests from human breath. "In addition to the optimisation of breath tests for the diagnosis of digestive disorders such as the common small intestine imbalance syndrome (SIBO), the development of further breath tests for the early detection of lung cancer or the detection of oxidative stress are the pillars of our research work," says Prof. Wieland Voigt, MD, managing partner of VOC-Advanced Breath Diagnostics GmbH.

With the expected introduction of a computer tomography-based lung cancer screening programme, it can be assumed that lumps will be detected in the lungs of a large number of participants. It is then necessary to decide with certainty whether this is a benign or malignant lump and this is where the lung cancer test from VOC-Advanced Breath Diagnostics GmbH should make a decisive contribution in order to otherwise avoid further and more stressful examinations. Smoking is the main risk factor for lung cancer but also an important reason for increased oxidative stress in the body. Increased oxidative stress can lead to a variety of diseases in the long term, such as hardening of the arteries or even cancer, and is generally associated with an accelerated ageing process. "In order to make tests for the early detection of lung cancer or oxidative stress widely available, we are developing innovative and easy-to-use breath tests, considering breath as the new blood. We are particularly pleased to have found premises for our laboratory in the dynamic business location of Forchheim and to be able to create jobs here. We look forward to intensive cooperation with the players in the region," says Prof. Wieland Voigt.