Medical Valley Center Forchheim

The Medical Valley Center Forchheim is located in the heart of the Medical Valley European

Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg (EMN), the leading international cluster in the field of medical technology.


The Medical Valley Center Forchheim offers high-growth companies in the medical technology and healthcare sector attractive office space in one of the economically strongest and scientifically most active medical technology clusters worldwide – the Medical Valley European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg (EMN).

Forchheim is home to Siemens Healthcare’s second largest development and production site worldwide. In Forchheim, Siemens Healthcare manufactures computed tomography products and technologies and state-of-the-art angiography systems.

In addition to this, the Healthcare IT division will be relocated to Forchheim in the next few years.

Over the years, highly specialized suppliers and service providers have settled around Siemens Healthcare in Forchheim, such as the logistics companies Simon Hegele and Hans Geis. Other potential partners in medical technology include Assdev, Enertex Bayern, Gebr. Waasner, Heinrich Ziegler, Infiana Group, Popp and Solnovis.

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  • Bamberg

  • Erlangen

  • Amberg-Weiden


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Key Facts

More than 500 companies operate exclusively or partially in the medical technology sector.
Over 65 hospitals, coupled with a strong outpatient sector, provide world-class healthcare.
Over 850,000 inpatients are treated annually in Medical Valley.
More than 80 institutes at universities and colleges of applied sciences conduct research and teach with a medical technology focus.
Over 20 non-university research institutions closely related to medical technology.
Over 42% of patent applications in Germany from the patent class “Surgery, Diagnosis and Identification” originate from Medical Valley.