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In the Medical Valley Center, young companies work door to door and within direct sight of research institutions and service providers. A proximity that pays off: entrepreneurs, start-ups and spin-offs advance their projects and business ideas in a relaxed atmosphere, but also in an environment that is optimally geared to their needs.

Consato's logo consists of the letters "Con" and "to", which are in an eye-catching shade of yellow. The central part "sa" is highlighted in a discreet shade of grey. The "s" is designed in a stylised, reduced cursive script. In the lower right-hand corner, the words "IT solutions for businesses" are written in small, grey letters.

Consato GmbH

Consato GmbH is an IT system house. We see ourselves as the first point of contact for all questions concerning IT systems in companies. Our focus is on IT security, servers, networks, consulting, service and the integration of IT into business processes.

Decodio's logo consists of the word "Decod", which is in black, followed by "io", which appears in white. Behind the "io" is a red diamond.

Decodio GmbH

Decodio GmbH is based in Medical Valley and specialises in the distribution of spectrum monitoring software as well as project management and application engineering in this field.

DRG-Control e.K.

Your expert in medical controlling. DRG-Control stands for expertise, enthusiasm and passion for medicine and coding. We use the DRG system to your advantage with the highest level of expertise. Our services: Coding revision, primary coding, MDK management, PEPP remuneration system and coding revision Switzerland.

The logo of fomedia GmbH shows a simple lion in side view, which is depicted in a section of a green circle. This is followed by the word "fomedia", with the dot above the "i" in the same green as the lion.

fomedia GmbH

As a multi-certified IT service provider, fomedia GmbH stands for premium IT services that decisively support companies on their way to becoming industry leaders. With over 20 years of experience, 50 certifications and a comprehensive portfolio ranging from cyber security to customised web development, fomedia offers outstanding solutions. Whether medical technology, local authorities or craftsmen - fomedia GmbH is the partner at your side.

The logo of GEFAZ GmbH shows a blue graph with a central high point. The name "GEFAZ" is spread across the graph, with the "F" on top. At the bottom centre of the logo is "mbH", with the "G" positioned on the graph and standing for both "GEFAZ" and "GmbH". The graph is in a light blue, while the font is in a darker blue.


GEFAZ mbH has the following core competencies: software development, innovation consulting. As its own product, GEFAZ develops software that can be used to create highly available applications.

INAM logo: Three elongated triangles in different shades of blue with the tips pointing downwards. The word 'INAM' is bold and in capital letters, while the word 'Forchheim' is only in capital letters. Both words are in black.

INAM Forchheim

We are a young dynamic team of scientists from a variety of different disciplines, such as materials science, physics, biology, mechatronics, (electrical) information technology, etc. We work together in the field of materials science. This composition and the constant flow of information among each other not only allows us to develop and discover new questions in the collaboration of the different scientific branches - in addition, innovative bridges between the latest achievements from technical development in microscopic and spectroscopic analysis methods and the current limits of various research branches are also created through the dynamic collaboration.

Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems

The "Correlative Microscopy and Material Data" department at the Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems (IKTS) offers advanced and customised analysis workflows for biological materials, high-performance ceramic materials, semiconductors and microelectronic components, as well as for battery materials and components. The focus is on the cross-scale correlation of various measurement methods to determine nano-, micro- and mesostructure and physical properties (optical, electrical, mechanical, etc.), as well as the determination of component performance and the resulting component optimisation. The complex material data generated in this process is statistically analysed using ML-based algorithms.

The Kaiser-Amm logo presents the word "KAISER-AMM" in bold, gradient blue at the top. A thin black line runs down the middle and the words "TGA-PLANUNG 4.0" are at the bottom in thin black letters.


The medical focus is on innovative technologies for Active Assisted Living (AAL), the technical infrastructure in buildings or homes for people in special life situations. Peter Kaiser is a member of the nationwide standards committee for AAL. In addition, Kaiser Elektroplanung 4.0 is certified by the German Society for Gerontotechnology (systems and services for the 50plus generation).

LinaThera GmbH

LinaThera is developing a facility for the production of medical radionuclides for cancer therapy: sustainable, safe, accessible and involving regional clinics. Radionuclide therapy is gaining ground worldwide as a targeted, gentle form of cancer treatment. The supply of medical radioisotopes is a well-known bottleneck in the care and treatment of cancer patients. Unlike conventional sources, LinaThera does not rely on nuclear reactors, but produces medical radioisotopes in a sustainable facility that makes an enormous contribution to the supply and is also scalable.

Medical Valley Forchheim GmbH

As the administrative backbone of the building, Medical Valley Forchheim GmbH is the first point of contact for all matters concerning the centre. Whether you are looking for state-of-the-art office space in one of the world's leading medical technology clusters or need conference rooms for your next groundbreaking meetings and seminars - Medical Valley Forchheim GmbH is always there to help.

MW IT Solution GmbH

MW IT Solution GmbH is a security-certified IT system house dedicated to providing state-of-the-art technology solutions for companies from a wide range of industries. We customise our services to meet the individual needs of our customers. Our customers' IT security needs include confidentiality, data integrity and the availability of their IT infrastructure. We stand for quality and highly professional customer service.

Neuromod's logo presents a green gradient in the form of a graph that transitions from lighter to darker green. The word "Neuromod" is in dark grey and shown in capital letters.

Neuromod Devices Limited

Neuromod Devices Ltd. is a pioneer in the development of non-invasive neuromodulation devices that target auditory and trigeminal nerves to induce positive neuroplastic changes with lasting therapeutic benefits.The first product to use this technology is the Lenire® System for Tinnitus Therapy.

The logo of Pätzke Software is presented in solid black. In front of it is a minimalist drawing of a Greek sphinx. This is followed by the word "PÄTZKE".

Pätzke Software

Pätzke Software is dedicated to the development of user-friendly software for the internet. From company website design and customised online shops to complex ERP systems and networked industrial plants - if it runs in the browser, Pätzke Software is your ideal partner. With a holistic approach ranging from brainstorming and prototyping to continuous maintenance, the team accompanies you through the entire development process. Whether individual web applications, e-commerce solutions or interactive data visualisations, Pätzke Software is the reliable expert at your side.

The full ProCarement logo presents the words "ProCarement" in black, with the "P" at the beginning minimalist in design, with a blue/green touch and reminiscent of the ornaments of the staff of Asclepius.

ProCarement GmbH

ProCarement GmbH specialises in the development of digital solutions in the medical field to support patients in the self-management of their chronic diseases. The app "ProHerz" developed here is used in telemedical centres and was certified in May 2023 as the first digital health application (DiGA) in Germany for people with heart failure. ProHerz can thus be prescribed as an "app on prescription". The company was founded as a start-up in Medical Valley Forchheim in 2019. Today, more than 30 experts from medicine, nursing, IT, business and regulatory affairs work closely together in interdisciplinary teams.

The sanosense logo presents the word "sano" in bold light blue, while the word "sense" appears in a soft light green and is highlighted by a back light effect.

sanosense AG

sanosense AG makes companies fit for change in the world of work. Through effective organisational and management development, sanosense supports medium-sized companies in shaping a people-oriented management and corporate culture in which employees work together in a healthy, motivated and successful manner.

The logo of Sunny Optics Europe GmbH consists of a background in different shades of blue that give the impression of rays of light. In the foreground is a blue cuboid with two rounded corners. Within this cuboid, a white circle can be seen, which is interrupted by a white line. Next to it is the company name "Sunny Optics Europe GmbH".

Sunny Optics Europe GmbH

Sunny Optics Europe GmbH was founded in 2019 and is located in Forchheim, Germany. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sunny Optical Technology Group (HK02382), a global leader in the design and manufacture of optical and mechanical components and opto-electronic systems for over 30 years.

TimeLine's logo is blue and shows the lettering "TimeLine ERP" with a simple cogwheel in front of it, which merges seamlessly into the font.

TimeLine Consulting GmbH & Co. KG

TimeLine Forchheim is the first choice for SMEs and the hub for all services related to ERP. We support medium-sized companies with products and services to become more competitive with our ERP solutions and to be successful in the long term. We listen to you, understand and do.

The logo of shows the word "waaf." in black, while the word "net" appears in red. Above this, a split wave can be seen, with the first part in black and the second part in red. GmbH

Finally more time for your company! Digitalisation of CRM, merchandise management or accounting. Our cloud-based ERP system wn:hub connects all your business processes! GmbH is your strong partner in the field of eBusiness. We offer you a cross-industry ERP solution in the context of e-business and e-commerce.

The logo of the yordas Group shows the word "yordas" in capital letters and centred. The word "Group" is placed at the bottom left. The font colour is black throughout. Above the word "yordas", three dots are connected with a flowing transition from light blue to dark blue.

Yordas Ltd.

Yordas Group is a leading provider of services in the areas of science, environment, human health, global chemicals law, sustainability and product stewardship. Yordas has a strong and internationally recognised reputation for providing training, consultancy and services to ensure compliance with global regulations.