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Medical Valley Center Forchheim: A centre for innovation welcomes the future of mobility

Forchheim, as the heart of the Medical Valley European Metropolitan Region Nuremberg (EMN), has long been a vibrant centre for innovation and progress in medical technology. But in addition to advanced medical technology, the city is now also taking a leading role in the field of sustainable mobility. The latest proof of this: an innovative Hypercharger located in the car park of the Medical Valley Center.

Introduction: A milestone for Forchheim and the Medical Valley Center

At the Medical Valley Center Forchheim, young companies work at the forefront of medical research and development. Here, where future technologies in the field of health are being developed, innovative e-mobility is also making a stop.

The Stadtwerke Forchheim initiative

  • The municipal utilities have First fast charger/hypercharger officially inaugurated.
  • More than a decade ago, the municipal utilities took the step into e-mobility.
  • In addition to setting up the Hypercharger, Stadtwerke operates 46 other charging points for the public and are experts in private charging stations.
  • They also offer a car-sharing programme that enables sustainable electric driving at fair prices.

Importance of the Hypercharger for the region

Lord Mayor Dr Uwe Kirschstein emphasised that e-mobility makes an important contribution to climate-neutral mobility and the development of a sustainable city. The new Hypercharger makes it possible to charge a vehicle to 70% in less than half an hour - an impressive addition to the existing range.

Support at the national level

The Bavarian Environment Minister Thorsten Glauber has supported the initiative from the beginning and emphasised that "the future of mobility is renewable". Thanks to this support and a grant of over 33,000 EUR, the project could be realised.

A look into the future

Christian Sponsel, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Forchheim, sees the Hypercharger as "another milestone in the expansion of the mobility offensive". In 2023, more than one million kilometres of driving will be achieved at the Stadtwerke's charging points, which is equivalent to driving 25 times around the earth.

Conclusion: A step towards a sustainable future at the Medical Valley Center

The Medical Valley Center Forchheim, as a leading cluster in the field of medical technology, once again shows that it always has its finger on the pulse. By setting up the Hypercharger on their premises, they are not only setting an example for sustainable mobility, but also underlining their role as an innovation centre in the region. It is a clear message that the future is being shaped here not only in medicine but also in mobility.