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Establishment of LinaThera GmbH in the Forchheim economic region

The Forchheim economic region is developing dynamically into a high-tech production centre for Bavarian medical technology and is becoming increasingly interesting for start-ups in the medical sector. Thanks to the Medical Valley Center Forchheim, Forchheim offers young companies the network they need to get started in entrepreneurship: valuable contacts in the region, in the field of medical technology and with municipal organisations and sponsors. This enables young companies to form strategic partnerships and innovation is transferred from science to the regional economy.

LinaThera GmbH wants to come to Upper Franconia to set up a production facility for radionuclides, which are urgently needed for new forms of cancer therapy. "Medical technology, universities, well-trained staff, modern clinics and an open-minded region are the environment that we need and that Medical Valley in Forchheim offers us," explains Managing Director Dr Christoph Thiel. LinaThera produces the radionuclides for so-called radionuclide therapy, which is also being developed by co-operation partner Nuclidium AG and is already being used in clinics such as Bayreuth and Erlangen. What is new is that LinaThera produces radionuclides with the help of electron accelerators and therefore essentially requires electricity for production and does not use nuclear reactors like its competitors.

Figure 1 Radionuclide therapy offers an alternative to chemotherapy

Radionuclide therapy is successful worldwide, but suffers from shortages in the supply of radionuclides. "We therefore use copper isotopes, which are comparatively easy to produce and decay into stable, endogenous elements after therapy. We are therefore making a very good alternative to conventional chemotherapy available to many cancer patients," says Dr Leila Jaafar-Thiel, Managing Director of Nuclidium AG, who is also a shareholder in LinaThera GmbH. Nuclidium AG develops radiopharmaceuticals for various types of cancer and tests them at scientific centres such as Munich, Erlangen and soon also Bayreuth. Nuclidium AG is therefore considering opening a business location in Upper Franconia in order to establish the first sustainable production facility for radionuclides here together with LinaThera and thus also secure future-oriented jobs and extensive added value for the region.

Figure 2 How radionuclide therapy works Copper isotopes help to visualise and destroy cancer cells

The first talks between LinaThera GmbH and the Medical Valley Centre Forchheim took place in late summer 2023. It quickly became clear that the Medical Valley Center Forchheim could help the innovative start-up LinaThera to set up production in the Forchheim area. At the same time, the establishment of LinaThera strengthens the development strategy of the Medical Valley medical technology cluster, which is known throughout Germany. This is because radionuclides are raw materials for a patient-orientated form of therapy that offers far-reaching health economic opportunities and significance for the region.

"The development of the regional medical technology cluster in Forchheim into a high-tech production centre is to be further accelerated through a sustainable focus on medical technology production. The establishment of LinaThera GmbH by the Medical Valley Centre Forchheim brings us a significant step forward with its innovative research elements, solutions and products in the field of radionuclide cancer therapy. The Medical Valley Centre Forchheim acts as a central point of contact for potential new companies in the Forchheim economic region," says Viktor Naumann, Managing Director of Medical Valley Forchheim GmbH.

The global healthcare market is growing and health is becoming more important for everyone. An important goal is to provide all people with the healthcare they need - as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Viktor Naumann
Managing Director Medical Valley Forchheim GmbH
Mobile: +49 9191 / 9504010

Dr Christoph Thiel
Managing Director LinaThera GmbH
Mobile: +49 176 716 26835

Dr Leila Jaafar-Thiel
CEO Nuclidium AG
Mobile: +49 176 248 52078